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Membership Class

Junior 5 - 16 years of age          Senior 18 years and over          

Membership fees.

Annual membership fee is £50, due on the the first club night of the new year or at the time of joining.

Family memberships are available

A.S.A. Membership


Stockport Swimming club is affiliated to the A.S.A. and our membership fee includes A.S.A. category 1 membership, if you require an A.S.A. Category 2 membership an additional fee is required

Club night

Weekly session fee is £5 per night per swimmer, this is only payable when you attend if you cant attend a lesson for any reason you will not be charged

Members Responsibilities.

Members must observe the Club Code of Conduct and be aware of the Club Rules. Members must be aware of the Club emergency procedures.

Any grievance must be brought to the attention of the Workforce Coordinator and not with the coach or teacher, who will investigate the matter.

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