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Club News

12th December 2017:  

Claire Tynan won this years 400m Coach's handicap completing The swim in 6m 52s and won the Winnie Bowlas silver trophy. Second place was Simon Robinson and third place was taken by Kate Mansfield. full results on the Club event page.

3rd June 2017

Jacqueline Carter, from the adult group, took second place in the

Warrington Dolphins one mile ladies wet suit event completing the course in 40m 26s. The event was held at Budworth Mere Sailing Club near Northwhich.

25th April 2017

Kate Mansfield won the 2017 800m Handicap event with an error of 6s from her submitted time. Second place was taken by Anna Handford with an error of 11s followed closely by John Handford with an error of 12s. The event was fully subscribe with 12 entries.

4th February 2017

John Handford, of the adult group, was placed sixth in the Warrington Dolphins 1500m annual championship

out of field of 16 swimmers. He completed the 1500m in a respectable time of 25m 40s. In the handicap event, in the same race, John came second with a negative error of 5secs the winner's error was 1sec.

26th August 2016.

John Handford and Claire Tynan have both received Silver Medals

In the BLDSA International Postal Swim. John and Claire were placed second in their age groups with John swimming 3400m & Claire 3500m. This is the first time that the Club Members have been placed in this event.

Well done John and Claire.

4th June 2016.

Jacqueline Carter, of the adult group, took second place in the

Warington Dolphins Budwoth Mere one mile ladies wet suit race completing the mile in 37m 46s. For once, the weather was good and the water reasonably warm for this annual event.

5th September 2015.

Simon Lea, of the adult group, entered the Scilly swim Challenge that took place on the Isles of Scilly.

This involves a circular walk and swim around the six main islands of the group . Unfortunately the last swim was cancelled due to bad sea conditions.. Never the less well done Simon. See link for detailed report.

1st August 2015

Kate Mansfield was the First veteran lady at the annual Warrington Dolphin Albert Dock Championship. She completed the two mile course in 54m 8s. She was the second lady in the overall event.

20th June 2015.

Kate Mansfield takes First place Gold Medal in the 2015 

BLDSA Postal swim and John Handford third place Bronze medal in the same event

BLDSA Post Swim Results

30th May 2015.

Jackie Carter took 1st place in the Ladies one mile (wet suit) event at the annual Warrington Dolphin's open water championship held at Budworth Mere Sailing Club.

She completed the one mile swim in a time of 37m 12s.

Well done Jackie.

7th February 2015.

Kate Mansfield was placed 3rd in the Warrington Dolphin's annual 1500m Championship finishing the distance in

24m 18s, 32s behind the first place.

John Handford and Simon Robinson also competed in the event, John finishing in 25m 17s and Simon in 28m 05s.

The event took place at the Orford Jubilee Neighbourhood Hub, Warrington.

9th December 2014.

Jackie Carter wins the 400m Coach's Handicap with Simon Robinson in third place and Fiona Huges third.

6th November 2014.

The Club AGM will be held at the Florist Hotel, Shaw Heath

Stockport at 7:00 pm

2nd August 2014

Kate Mansield is placed third in the Warrington Dolphin 29th Albert

Dock two mile event and was 1st in the 40-60 vetran age group.

Kate completed the two mile swim in atime of 48m 9sec.

26th July 2014

Kate Mansfield wins a Bronze Medal in the BLDSA Postal Swim.

Kate was placed third out of 27 entries with a distance of 3548m for

the one hour swim.

12th June 2014.

Stockport Swimming Club win the Winnie Bowlas Gala

See Club Events for details.

15th June 2014.

Gene McCarthy, of the Adult Swimming Group,

successfully completed the two mile event, at Lake Windermere, in a time of 1hr 22s and finished in position 861.

An achievement for Gene who gave up smoking earlier this year and joined the group in May this year.

31st May 2014.

Kate Mansfield took 3rd place in the Ladies one Mile open water championship at Budworth Mere Championship, finishing in a time of 25m 18s. This was the 20th Championship organised by Warrington Dolphins LDSC.

Kate swan the event 4m 13s faster than she did last year when she won the event but this year the water temperature was 3° C higher at 15° C.

15th April 2014.

Kate Mansfield wins the 800m Handicap with an error of -.7sec.

Second place Catherine Tynan with an error of +19.8s and third place to Simon Robinson with an error of - 23Sec

25th March 2014.

Mr Allan Moult a long serving member of Stockport Swimming Club

died today. Allan has served the Club for over 40 years as a Committee member. Allan had was a good organiser and was in part responsible for the success of the two successful Galas that the Club ran for many years namely the Shrimps and Masters Galas.

8th February 2014.

Kate Mansfield from the Clubs Adult swimmers took 3rd place in the Ladies event at the Warrington Dolphin's 1500m Competition, finishing in a time of 24m.46s.

John Hanford of the Adult group also completed the event in a time of 25m 37s.

For full results

7th January 2014

Club reopens.-Club membership is now due and must be renewed by 31st January 2014 for current members otherwise your Membership may be suspended.

17th December 2013

Club closes for Christmas. Junior party with pool monsters and a chance to throw Graham in the pool!

10th December 2013. 400m Coach's Handicap.

Cath tynan won the event with Arshad Sheikh in second place and Simon Robinson in third place.

Presentations by the Club President - Mike Malone and event starter and referee- Pat Regan.

7th November 2013

The Club AGM will be held on 7th November 2013 at 7:00pm and will be held at The Florist Hotel, Shaw Heath Stockport.

15th June 2013

Hazel Killingbeck of Stockport Swimming Club, celebrated her 15th birthday on the 15th June 2013 by winning the Junior event in the BLDSA's Champion of Champions Annual Open water event.Hazel completed the 5 mile, 3 mile and 1 mile events in a total time of 5hr 40m 42secs.

This event was held at Dover harbour and the water temperature was 12°C.(non wet suit event).

Hazel hopes to complete a two way Windermere in August to qualify for her attempt on th English Channel next year.

8th June 2013:

Stuart Ainsworth, the Club’s adult coach, has been awarded the “Wilkinson Trophy” by the Stockport & District Association of Clubs for his achievement’s in swimming.

Stuart has been involved with Stockport Swimming Club since the mid ‘70’s first when his children joined the Club. In 1980, Stuart joined the Club as an adult swimmer in the newly formed adult group and becoming their coach in 1984 and continues in this position to the present day.

Stuart is an active member of the Club Committee and maintains the Club website and organises three competitive events in the Club calendar.

Stuart is also an active swimmer himself, competing in Open Water Swimming events around the Country and to date has swam a total of 391miles over 30 Years. He also completed an England to France Channel relay swim in a time of15h 13m at an age of 55.

Stuart has also supported many open water swimmers by escorting them in major swims such as Windermere.

26th May 2013.

Kate Mansfield, for the second time, wins the Warrington Dolphins Ladies one mile Championship in a time of 29m 31 sec, followed by her daughter, Laura who swam the event on backstroke. Stuart Ainsworth, the Club's adult coach, took third place in the Gents one mile Championship. The water temperature was a chillly 12° C.

23rd April 2013

John Hanford won the 800m Handicap with an error of 1.5 sec

closely followed By Kate Mansfield with an error of 4sec and in third place Arshad Sheikh with an error of 21.7sec. Out of the eleven competitors, eight came within 60sec of their target time.

The trophies were presented by the Club President Mr Mike Malone.

11th December 2012.

Simon robinson wins the annual 400m Coach's Handicap with Clair Tynan taking second place and John Handford coming third.

9th November 2012 : The Club membership fee for 2013 is kept the same as 2012 £50 and Club night maintained at £3. If the Pool hire is increased in April 2013, the Club night fee may be increased pro rata.

8th November 2012: The Club AGM will be held at Cheadle Hulme Conservative Club, Mellor Road , Cheadle Hulme, at 7pm.

July 2012: Death of Mr Harry Kent.

02/06/2012 Kate Mansfield of our Adult group, was the first Lady home in the Warrington Dolphin 18th Annual one Mile open water championship. in a credible time of 24m 52s.

24/04/2012 800M Handicap 2012. Caterine Bradley took first place in this event See club events for full result page.

4/4/2012 Sprint results 2012

13/03/2012: The 800M Senior Handicap is to be held on the 24th April 2012 at

Cheadle Pool at 9pm. Results.

02/03/2012: Cheetham & Lambert Gala. Macclesfield

13/02/2012: The Clubs annual calendar has been added.

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