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Training at Stockport Swimming Club

Stockport Swimming Club implements the National Plan for teaching swimming in the Club's learn to swim programme.

Teaching Pool


used to introduce non swimmers to the water, gain confidence and learn the basics


Hilary Felstead

Poolside Helpers

Deborah Kay

Sarah Kay

Declan Regan-Lees

Main Pool


Used for the teaching and coaching of swimmers and is in use from 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm on Tuesday nights.

Teachers, Coaches & Helpers

Mrs Jean Hallworth -          ASA Advanced Teachers Certificate

Mr John Woodrow  -           ASA Teachers Certificate for Swimming 

ASA Club Coach Certificate

ASA Masters Coaching Certificate

ASA Certificate of Continuing Professional Development

Ms Lorna Hadfield  -           ASA/UKCC Level 2 Certificate for Teaching Aquatics

Mr Graham Goodwin          ASA Teachers Certificate of Swimming

ASA Preliminary Teachers Certificate

Miss Anna Regan              ASA Level 1 Assistant Teachers Qualification

Joshua Kay                        Poolside Helper

Daisy Baxter                      Poolside Helper

Emma Young                     Poolside Helper

Freya Bowden                   Poolside Helper

The teachers and coaches, are assisted by volunteer helpers who, swimmers themselves, seek to become teachers and coaches and continue to help the Club. Each helper is assigned to a teacher/coach in order to learn the techniques of teaching and coaching of swimming. Helpers may, under the supervision of the teacher/coach, occasionally take a swimming lesson to gain experience.

The teachers and coaches use work programmes that are designed to seamlessly take a non swimmer through to an active competitive swimmer and can advise on advanced training venues. All the work programmes have set targets for the swimmer to aim for and are used as a guide for the promotion of a swimmer to the next group.

All members are reviewed regularly and are promoted to the next group if their review is favourable.

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